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January 30 – Enjoying Wintering Hummingbirds

At 6:30pm on Friday, Jan 30 2015, Dennis Demcheck, long-time appreciator of winter hummingbirds will present a talk which will showcase the under-appreciated fact that as many as 9 different kinds of hummingbirds throughout North America regularly spend the winter months in Louisiana. In the summer we have only one kind of hummingbird, the Ruby-throated, but in winter the Rubies will be replaced by such beautiful species as the Rufous, Buff-bellied, Calliope, and others as they take advantage of the relatively mild Louisiana winter climate. A huge benefit for experienced and casual birders alike is that these birds are comfortably and easily seen in our yards. No long wilderness experiences or expensive gear are needed to enjoy the secret lives of these little gems from our kitchen windows. The talk will discuss the various types of flowers, feeders, and evergreen cover the birds prefer. We will present a quick survey of the kinds of hummingbirds to be expected in southern Louisiana with identification tips. The talk will recommend hummer-friendly plants readily available from local nurseries. Come learn about these rare and special birds in this introduction tailored to the non-expert birder. This presentation will provide context for the BRAS Winter Hummingbird tour the following day.

Location: Bluebonnet Swamp NC -EDUCATION BUILDING
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January 31 – Winter Hummingbird Tour

Each winter as many as 9 different North American species of Hummingbird spend the winter in certain yards and gardens around Baton Rouge. If you would like an opportunity to view some of these rare and special birds, please join us for the Annual Winter Hummingbird Tour. We will meet at BrewHaHa coffee shop (711 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge) at 7:30 am on Saturday, January 31. There we will probably split into groups (depending on the number of attendees) and carpool in order to visit the homes of several Hummingbird Hosts. Species that we hope to see include Rufous, Black-Chinned, Broad-tailed, Buff-Bellied, Calliope, and more.

Please register by sending an email to Jane Patterson - or sign up at the presentation on Jan. 30 at Bluebonnet Nature Center

Location: BrewHaHa Coffee Shop 711 Jefferson Hwy
BRAS Members Only: No